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English Immersion in Mauritius easter 2018

How We Teach


Don't spend hours sitting in front of a grammar book. Get out there with us and learn to live in English

We take you on a free-flow of everyday & extraordinary experiences to kickstart your journey into being a more fluent speaker, listener, reader and writer of English. You can choose to learn whilst: eating, cooking, chatting, hiking, kayaking, meditating, watching a movie, visiting an art gallery, writing a business or a love letter or a poem, or even having a holiday...the possibilities are endless!  Learning English really can become a walk in the park!

We tailormake lessons & programmes for  first time learners, high school & university students, professionals,  Anglophiles & travellers -- in person & online.  We offer unique learning experiences, classes, events, retreats, workshops & holidays in a variety of locations from Mauritius to Milan to Cape Town.

English like Water offers  an alternative, enjoyable way to reach your goals: experientially & naturally.  


... in a globalised world. But many still find it difficult to improve their English skills or adapt their textbook knowledge to real life situations.  Whether you struggle with learning anxiety, shyness, boredom or impatience... simply hate feeling like you're back at school... you are probably looking to learn English because it will give you the freedom to pursue your career,  hobbies and dreams... 

Furthermore, this method has a multilingual sensibility. It was co-created by an English mother tongue polyglot ( French, Italian, German & Mauritian Creole) teacher and an English-as-a-second-language (fluent in Spanish) Italian well-being expert. 

English like Water has been designed for global English learners, with a sensitivity to various other languages.


For each new student, learning blocks or fears are directly addressed through a tailormade stress management programme,  focused on positive development and mindfulness. Joy, passion and curiosity emerge from previous points of stress, becoming important learning tools.

Transform your challenges into possibilities! Learn to flow and adapt  (like water) , bringing your new English skills and confidence into your professional and personal life. And you may even learn to love grammar!

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About Us

Tania Haberland

From poetry to the art of well-being, Tania Haberland (BA, HDE, MA) author of Hyphen, winner of the Ingrid Jonker Prize & short-listed for the Gerald Kraak Award, is a poet-artist and has been an English teacher for nearly twenty years. Apart from traditional methods she uses experiential linguistic & creative mind-body practices as her tools.  Mother tongue English, she speaks French, Italian, German & Mauritian Creole. 



Created by Tania Haberland & Fabrizio Dalle Piane

English like Water merges our professional know-how of 25 years in the education, art, health and well-being industries with our life long passion for nature & culture


Based on our personal experiences of being a non native-speaking traveller trying to work (and play!) in a foreign country we have specifically designed courses combining life experiences with learning opportunities to help people speak, listen to, read and write English efficiently and with ease.

We collaborate with a wide range of educational, creative, leisure & well-being professionals and institutions (such as The University of Cape Town, Brilliant Journeys, Yemaya Adventures, Mille Gru, Laboratorio 16, etc.) to offer you a selection of classes, experiences & learning holidays adapted to your needs & passions.

NB: For further information please visit our Who We Are page In this information-saturated era, we don't want to bombard you unnecessarily ;)

Fabrizio Dalle Piane

From martial arts to the art of healing, Fabrizio Dalle Piane, former European Karate Champion and co-author of 2 books on bodywork, is a movement artist, teacher & coach using holistic mind-body practices as his tools.  Mother tongue Italian, he speaks English & Spanish.


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