English immersion in mauritius easter 2018

English Immersion in Mauritius

easter 2018

Learn English in an Exotic Location...

Relax and Learn.

Wake up to sunshine, the sound of waves and birds. In the morning, learn English at MaKaza Makara staring out at the ocean or through nature-culture experiences. Chill out on the beach or do some sightseeing in the afternoon.  Meditate or do yoga at sunset... in English.  Socialise and practice your English in the evening.  Relax. Sleep. Repeat.

Six Days of English in Paradise ...

Tuesday March 27th til Monday April 2nd


(Excluding flights, board & lodging.

 Find full details below.)

Amazing Early Bird Price of 600 € 

for full payment before March 2018.



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Led By Tania Haberland (BA HDE MA)

An English mother-tongue polyglot,  Mauritian-German-South African  award-winning poet & post-graduate qualified English teacher  with nearly 20 years of experience. Co-creator of the English like Water method of experiential learning. 

Tania has taught a wide variety of students from  African, Asian, Arabian & European countries. Combining her global teaching and living experiences with her knowledge of 5 languages she is able to help speakers of various cultures & languages. 

Mauritius & MaKaza Makara

The course is based at Tania's cosy oceanfront home, MaKaza Makara in the small, quaint fishing village of La Gaulette, Mauritius. Participants are free to use the place, its facilities and lush tropical garden with direct access to the sea as a co-working, socialising & chill out space between lessons. 

One lesson will even have everyone cooking a fusion meal in the communal kitchen! 

When not learning around a big, rustic  yellow wood table on the verandah whilst gazing out at the oceanic horizon, classes become itinerant. English is learnt whilst discovering the many sights and sounds of Mauritius: an island collage of cultures, flavours and colours, breathtaking mountains and heartbreakingly beautiful beaches.

Mauritians are famous for their hospitality and humour, ensuring a good time. However, more important here are their multilingual skills. English is the offical language of Mauritius, but most people are fluent in at least two other languages. Learning in such an enthusiastic and 'willing to try' atmosphere is immensely helpful in surpassing learning blocks associated with the fear of failure or inappropriate perfectionism.

English Experiences

Learning takes place in a variety of settings and contexts, from sunset yoga with Brigitte Haberland, a well-known Mauritian teacher and artist; to a guided walk and lesson around the famous Albion lighthouse with Dini Lallah, a local writer, ESOL teacher & activist. Tania will take you hiking up the evocative  Le Morne mountain , renowned for its rich flora, haunting history & sweeping panorama.  You will walk across the ocean to an islet and take part in  a mindful English lesson on its silent sandbanks.

Cultural evenings will not only teach you English but give you a personalised, intimate view into the life and world of this remote and fascinating island, the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

You may take home a tan, souvenirs and postcard-perfect selfies. More importantly though, you will  have spent six days immersed in English sharpening your reading and writing skills and crafting your English conversations to flow more more naturally... like water

What will you learn & take home?

* This course is an intense immersion into reading, writing, listening to and speaking English. Lessons and social  activities all take place in English. 

* The group is small and a pre-trip assessment will ensure that your level of English is catered for. 

* Tania places a strong emphasis on teaching a flexible, globally-focused English. It is the official language of over 55 countries with 400 million native speakers and far more, approximately 1.4 billion, as a second language. She will teach you a strong yet flexible English, open to adaptation and multicultural interperetations, essential to today's workplace. 

* Experiential learning has been shown to  deepen meaning and understanding for learners. It also speeds up the learning process, ensuring better memory and more confidence.   

* The pleasure principle is another important building block in learning. Instead of studying grammar in boring books, the student is brought to understand the shape and form of sentence structures whilst sipping a sunset cocktail or soaking up the sun. The brain remembers and learns more efficiently when relaxed and enjoying itself. 


Tuesday 27th of March:

9 – 12.30:  Breakfast & First introductory lesson with Tania around the table of MaKaza Makara


Sunset Yoga with Brigitte in English

followed by evening rooftop aperitivo

Wednesday 28th of March:

8 – 9: Breakfast at MaKaza Makara

9 – 2pm: Experiential lesson: Bus ride, walk up Le Morne Mountain & busride back to la Gaulette (includes pack lunch & water )


9pm: Post-dinner evening reading & listening circle of local literature around the theme of freedom, slavery and le Morne mountain at MaKaza Makara

Thursday 29th of March:

7 - 8: Breakfast at MaKaza Makara

8: pick up to drive to Lighthouse lesson with Dini 

9 – 12:30/1pm: Experiential Lighthouse Lesson in Albion (Herbal drinks from the garden, water and local snacks will be offered after the guided tour while we work on questions and make connections)

1pm: drive back to la Gaulette 


Sunset Yoga with Brigitte in English

followed by evening rooftop aperitivo

Friday 30th of March:

9 – 12.30:  Breakfast & English lesson with Tania around the table of MaKaza Makara  


9pm – Post-dinner evening poetry & meditation with Tania at MaKaza Makara

Saturday 31st of March:

8 – 9: Breakfast at MaKaza Makara


2pm: Meet at MaKaza Makara  

2:30 – 7pm: Blue Moon-Sunset Water Hike & Benitiers Island Meditation Experiential Lesson  

10pm: Post-dinner Fieldtrip to Enzo Bar to discover the local music scene. (drinks not included)

Sunday April the 1st :

8 – 9: Breakfast at MaKaza Makara 

9 – 2pm: Experiential "MauriTania" Fusion Cooking Lesson 

followed by traditional Mauritian Easter lunch & goodbyes.

Practical Details

Price Includes

* Pre & post holiday Aperitivi in Milan 

* Pre-holiday half hour assessment of English level & needs (in person or via Skype) 

* Travel tips for best flights, accommodation (from backpacker quarters to 5 star luxury depending on your tastes & budget), street food & restaurants, sightseeing and extra activities 

* Breakfast 

* All lessons,activities & food  isted above in the timetable. Any other excursions, meals or trips are not included. 

* Free access to MaKaza Makara “Clubhouse” with: wifi, tea, coffee and biscuits, co-working & socialising lounge/verandah, English books, tropical garden and hammock, rooftop chill zone, direct access to ocean, shower and toilet.  

* A free copy of Tania's first collection Hyphen, containing poems inspired by Mauritius. www.uctwriters.co.za/hyphen   

NB: Flights, Accommodation & Meals (unless stated) are not included in the price. Tania will suggest places to stay and eat close by to MaKaza Makara. A few limited places on a 'first come first serve' basis are available at MaKaza Makara)

Outdoor activities will be moved indoors if weather is bad.


Anyone wanting to extend their learning holiday can book extra tailormade one on one lessons directly with Tania at 40 euros per hour or 100 euros for a half day experiential lesson. Lessons can take place at MaKaza Makara or on the beach, hiking in the forest, visiting the botanical gardens or even as a city trek to the capital Port Louis, a melting pot of sights, sounds and cultures.   

Tania will be available as an English teacher in Mauritius from the 22nd of March until the 17th of April; as well as for lessons via Skype.  

Tania will be happy to suggest many wonderful daytrips and excursions around the island should you wish to extend your holiday experience of Mauritius. For example, her brother Patrick runs renowned Yemaya Adventures offering kayaking, mountainbiking and hiking in an eco-friendly way. www.yemayaadventures.com   

Before departure Tania will organise an introductory aperitivo in Milano for all participants, as well as a post-holiday aperitivo when she returns in April.

Get in touch for more information & bookings

Email: englishlikewater@gmail.com

WhatsApp: + 230 59830857

Tel: + 39 3285632341

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