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who we are

Our Story (fairy tale version)

Once upon a time Fabrizio, a five year old boy from Milan jumped into the waves of Liguria and tried to surf on a mattress.   Five years later Tania, a girl was born in Durban and learned to swim with her siren-like Mauritian mother.  At the age of 9, living in the desert of Arabia, the girl continued to love nature, and began to believe she could fly like the wind or run like a cat, sometimes visiting the shores of her ancestors she wrote her first book: The Fate of Atlantis.     Many years later the boy, now a man who had studied alternative practices in India and grown bored with the European fitness industry moved to Mexico in search of waves and found the wisdom of the local healers, finally inventing an aquatic form of bodywork called The Massage of Atlantis...    The boy had transformed from a surfing karate fighter into a meditator with hands that could melt pain away, a man who felt the pulse of the ocean drumming in his ears like a shell, whispering him to follow his dreams.    The girl grew from a thesaurus-reading tree-dancer & swimming dreamer into a woman who spun poems to her beloved ocean, sang and danced to the ecstatic beat of her seaward heart  and then taught others how to do so too.    One day the boy and the girl met as man and woman in the sea and began swimming together around the wild waters of this world from Italy to the island of Mauritius and the shores of Cape Town...

Our Story (factual version)

So, what happens when a Mauritian-German-South African poet and an Italian martial artist meet by the sea in Sardinia in 2010? They fall in love and turn their lives upside down and inside out, trying to figure out that crazy thing called love ( a work in progress!) They combine their passions: martial arts and body work collide with poetry and voice work. Movement practices merge with meditation techniques. They begin living, creating and working together around their common muses: the water, education  & wellbeing... body, mind, heart, culture and nature...    Together, in Milan, from 2010 to 2016, under the umbrella term of CreatiVita, Fabrizio & Tania developed educational programs (EduArt, Play-Fu, English like Water), a holistic coaching practice and began exploring ecstatic artistic expressions via live collage performances and socio-cultural programs like La Piazza di Leggiadria. They have been working on a collaborative  art project called The Technology of Tenderness for the past 3 years.     After delving into wild waters all around Italy, Tania & Fabrizio combined their love of water with their professional experiences and studies to bring a healing practice called Oceanic Somatics to Mauritius in 2016.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZeKSVGw27w5pSwA8FMudRw     During their first year on the island, they presented this aquatic meditation-movement-bodywork practice at the Spa & Wellness Association of Africa's 2016 conference, as well as offering wellbeing services at various hotels around Mauritius and to a wide range of private clients in collaboration with other professionals such as  an osteopath and psychologist. These are links to local press articles about their approach: http://www.cotenordmag.com/le-mag/association-creativita-mauritius-oceanic-somatics-pratique-reparatrice-alternative/  http://www.objectifsante.mu/fr/sciences-conscience/spiritualite-therapies-holistiques/coaching-holistique-le-coaching-de-lame  In 2017, due to a growing wish to use their knowledge to empower and teach a wider population and a growing disillusionment with the commercialisation of well-being practices as well as the exploitaiton of human and natural resources by giant hotel groups, Tania & Fabrizio decided to focus on further developing their English like Water method & programmes  in 3 strategic places: Milan, Mauritius & Cape Town  as well as on-line . It is their goal  to not only empower private clients, but work with schools and institutions spreading the learning of English, as well as well-being in learning and a deeper sensitisation to the wild waters of this planet. Both English & water are crucial tools in surviving and thriving in today's globalised world.

Our careers & partners


Tania Haberland (BA, HDE, MA) is a poet, artist and teacher. Half Mauritian, half German, born in South Africa, she has lived in the US, UK, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Mother-tongue English, she also speaks French, German, Italian & Creole. Her first book Hyphen won the Ingrid Jonker Prize. Tania currently works between Mauritius, Milan and Cape Town as part of CreatiVita, offering services in the art of well-being & learning.   

She has taught in public & private schools, shelters for abused women & refugees, centres for the learning disabled and head-injured as well as to a wide range of private clients. 

Her approach is experiential, creative & sensorial, always learner-centred.   

Her performance work has varied from slams to performance art to collaborations with musicians: from Bristol to Milan to the Congo & Mauritius. She has featured at many internatonal literature festivals  at the Parliament & National Gallery of South Africa and is even known to perform a mean punk song in the shower.     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCquSsvaZKfr5iG5sMMg7ggg

Career  Timeline: 1994-2017  

  • Completing a BA Degree (Dean's merit List) in English & Psychology  
  • Settling in the UK to work with learning disabled adolescents for Social Services and the head injured whilst studying Integrative Counselling & training in Self Advocacy & Listening Skills .  
  • Learning & practicing European shamanic teachings with a coven in Bristol. 
  • Moving to South Africa. Studying and practicing chakra healing and balancing. Experiencing indigenous healing ceremonies. 
  • Creating, organising & facilitating Women's Empowerment Workshops in nature & bringing groups to Mauritius  Working as a counsellor at a shelter for abused women, merging mind-body practices during sessions. 
  • Passing (with distinction) a post graduate HDE in English as 1st & 2nd Language and Life Orientation. 
  • Taking a sabbatical year in Mauritius. Launching a successful  6 month campaign to save l'ile aux benitiers from hotel developments, compiling a report  http://iels.intnet.mu/islet_benitiers.htm  and working between environmentalists and local fishermen. 
  • Moving back to the UK. Becoming a full-time writer and artist: artist residency apprenticeship & with Aune Head Arts Publishing poems  & performing in literary festivals and slams all around the UK. Collaborating with public poet Ralph Hoyte as a voice artist for SatSymph & Respray, organising Ladyfest Bristol a feminist music and art festival  & co-creating the multi media piece Courtesan with Sam Taylor. 
  • Studying Jazz singing with the Diva of Bath, Joan Davis. 
  • Returning to South Africa. Completing an MA (passed with distinction) in Creative Writing: Poetry with South Africa's leading poet, the late Stephen Watson. Being awarded a full research scholarship to Amherst. 
  • Teaching Creative Writing at Boston College & poetry workshops with refugees Collaborating with a wide variety of artists & organisations & socio-cultural events. Highlights include: Africa Centre,  Badilisha Festival , Malika Ndlovu & the And the Word was Woman Ensemble ,The South African  Parliament, SABC, Bush Radio,Bettina Malcolmess the South African National Gallery The Gaia Dance Project ,Baxter Theatre, Terry Westby-Nunn, Oprah Magazine, Bristol Poetry Festival, Kai Lossgott & City Breath  
  • Publishing Hyphen with the UCT Writers Series, www.uctwriters.co.za/hyphen . Co-creating the DEEP charity art book launch event featuring film, poetry, sculpture & music at the 2 oceans aquarium, winning the Ingrid Jonker Prize 
  • Being awarded a Writer's residency at Chateau Lavigny in Switzerland . 
  • Studying Watsu in South Africa and qualifying as a Tantsu practitioner in Sardinia 
  • Moving to Italy, working as a life coach/English teacher  performing and collaborating with various poets & festivals in Milan, Trieste, Monza, Lago d'Orta, etc. Collaborating on Matita's CD. Co-creating CreatiVita with her partner Fabrizio.  
  • Moving to Mauritius. Developing Oceanic Somatics & English like Water as  key services offered by CreatiVita. Setting up MaKaza Makara as a space for holidays, workshops & retreats.  
  • Returning to Italy to continue offering educational & artistic services and creating a link between Mauritius & Italy.


Career Timeline: 1984-2017  

  • European Karate Champion 1984 
  • Founder of The Body Gym Centre in Milan  
  • Fitness manager for the Squash Vico Gym in Milan 
  • Travelling back and forth to California & Florida to train in cutting-edge fitness techniques, qualifying as a personal trainer and shiatsu practitioner.   
  • Studying & practicing kinesiology, meditation and tantra at Osho's Multiversity in India. 
  • Moving to Sweden, co-creating a meditative fitness programme with other health professionals  & qualifying in Swedish Massage  
  • Moving to Mexico. Participating  in a cross-cultural research programme. Learning the ways of the indigenous shamans & creating  a unique form of bodywork in warm water, the Massage of Atlantis.   
  • Joining Jacopo Fo's famous Free University of Alcatraz in Umbria, where he trained in and taught comic therapy via an ecstatic program called Demented Yoga. 
  • Creating and managing Milan's first water spa for the DownTown Gym chain.  
  • Meeting Harold Dull, the creator of Watsu (water shiatsu) and Tantsu (tantric shiatsu). Qualifying  as a Watsu and Tantsu practitioner and trainer. Leading international workshops for professionals. Opening the first Tantsu centre in Europe and co-writing two books with Harold: Tantsu: A Yoga of the Heart and  Watsu Basic & Explorer Paths.  
  • Learning Continuum Movement directly from its creator, the somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad. 
  • Living in Milan. Focusing on individual coaching sessions with private clients (adults, children and adolescents). 
  • Collaborating with a homeopathic oncologist on creating holistic support programmes for cancer patients. 
  • Co-creating CreatiVita with his partner Tania, offering various edicational and wellbeing services to individuals, institutions and businesses.  
  • Moving to Mauritius. Developing  Oceanic Somatics & English like Water as key services offered by CreatiVita. Setting up MaKaza Makara as a space for holidays, workshops & retreats.
  • Returning to Italy to continue offering wellbeing services and creating a link between Mauritius & Italy. 

Who we work with

Keep checking this space as our list of wonderful partners grows! 


Patrick Haberland  & Yemaya Adventures (adventure company offering sea kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and team building activities for all levels) www.yemayaadventures.com

Shabeela Kalla Monasch, Ralco Monasch & Alumno Astralis (Quality Internships & Cross-Cultural Experience) www.alumnoastralis.mu

Romina Tello Soberones & Mauritius Conscious Guide (The Guide for Sustainable Travelling & Ecotourism) www.mauritiusconscious.com

Dini Lallah (story writer, graphic designer & activist; teaches English & Mauritian Creole and works as a translator)

Brigitte Haberland (yoga teacher & visual artist)


Daniel Tristão & Brilliant Journeys (English Services, Voulunteer & Sustainable Travel to South Africa) http://www.brilliantjourneys.it/site/

Simona Cesana, Dome Bulfaro & Mille Gru (Cultural Association for poetry, events, publishing & education) www.millegru.org

Giorgia Ugo, Marcello & Laboratorio 16 (architecture, design, graphics, illustrations & urban ideas) www.laboratorio16.com


Professor Imraan Coovadia, (award winning writer & director of the Creative Writing Programme at UCT) & The University of Cape Town's Creative Writing Programme http://www.english.uct.ac.za/creative-writing-programme

Patwant Rhodes (Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master & Writer)